4 Reasons why Giving Art is a Good Idea.

It’s original

In a world where everyone tends to have the same things, art is one of the few things that can still surprise. When you gift art, you are giving  the whole creative process of someone, it is special and something that most people won’t have. You are giving  something original and that makes you someone original.

It’s personal.

When a work of art, be it a painting, a record or a photograph, catches your attention, it is not only because it sounds good, is aesthetically pleasing or because you simply like its colours (though that probably also has something to do with it), but also because  what you have in front of you makes you feel represented in it.

Take photography for example; if you enter a gallery or go through an exhibition and suddenly discover a photo of an intriguing scene taken in, lets say, Kathmandu, that makes you stop and contemplate it for a while, it is probably because you are an adventurous person who likes traveling to exotic countries and discovering interesting cultures. Perhaps you have not had time to do so yet, but your choice says something about you.

By giving that picture to someone you are not only giving him or her an original piece made by an author X, you are also giving a part of your own personality. It is in addition to the author, part of you, and that, if you ask me, is pretty awesome.

It does not lose value.

Art is available for all audiences and pockets, from tens of millions to a few hundred dollars and they all have something in common:They do not lose value. In fact. it’s quite the opposite. You may not get rich overnight, but the truth is that the value of the piece you have bought will never go down and with a bit of luck or good eye on your part, it is possible that over time it gains in value.

Not long ago an unknown artist put up a small stall with his copies in the middle of Central Park in New York. He was selling his work for $60. What no one knew and those who saw enough value in the work to buy it would later find out, was that the unknown artist was none other than Banksy, one of the most if not THE most famous graffiti artists in the world and that the pieces they had just bought were worth 125,000 pounds, about $ 160,000. Not bad huh?

It’s culture.

Art has always been at the forefront of modern societies. Artists portray truths that are not obvious to other people, art is a humanistic portrait that can talk about emotions, situations or places to which not everyone can visit or see in their lifetime. It makes us reflect as human beings, it captures different cultures of the world and brings them to you in a format that you can keep, hang on a wall and observe. Buying art and giving it as a present (or keeping it for yourself) not only helps to preserve that culture but also helps to spread it.

So, when was last time you bought a piece of art? Go on, share you experiences with us!

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