‘Prints for’ is a series of yearly fundraisers that will be hosted by The Raw Society, in collaboration with selected generous and talented photographers, for causes that we believe in. The photographs donated by the collaborating artists will be directly related to the area or region where the funds will be donated, thus creating a unifying theme for each fundraiser.

For this first fundraiser we have chosen Mississippi because aside from holding a special place in our hearts, it’s one of the poorest states in the U.S., and just last year, it faced some of the worst flooding in history. 2020 has provided little relief, having to face the arrival of COVID-19. 

All proceeds, minus costs, will be donated to the Delta Health Center.

This first fundraiser would not have been possible without the help of photographer & The Raw Society ambassador Rory Doyle.


Lawrence Printing Company, based in Greenwood, Missississppi will produce and ship all the prints.

Prints are available in open edition, unsigned and limited edition of 20 copies with a digital signature for a selected number of photographs for the duration of the PRINTS FOR MISSISSIPPI Fundraiser.

Depending on the image ratio, the prints will be different sizes within a maximum size of 8″x12″ for the open edition prints and 12″ x 18″ for the limited edition signed prints. All images will be printed on satin photobase paper.

We are a small team of volunteers working to organize this print sale, but we will do our best to get your orders fulfilled as quickly as possible during this pandemic. Please note that all prints will produced upon finalization of the fundraiser on the 25th of May and that the mail may be slightly slower than normal so please bear with us. We appreciate your understanding as we also navigate this challenging time.

Prints for Mississippi fundraiser