The challenge assigned was to photograph for a set amount of time per day (to avoid getting into trouble with our family members for not spending time with them) and to do a series of “Street photography without people, but with traces of them.”

And a real challenge it was. The first part needed some restraint on my part, since I can’t help taking photos at all times of the day…the latter required me to change my approach to street photography since 99.99% of my photographs are with people in them and I have dutifully trained my brain to look for humans and make them part of the story…

So I decided to go to “some beach somewhere” and as the song says:
“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand.
Life is good today, life is good today”
and shoot away…

As to the part about Photos with just traces of people, I decided to concentrate not on photographs of how it was before people took over the scene, neither after they left the beach and their mark behind, but rather on capturing the scene while humans were still there having that much needed fun, but always invisible, enjoying the water and their surroundings. Be it drying their clothes at the pool, enjoying the view at sea level or 100 meters above sea. Flying away or floating on the water. Watching kids play with hundreds of beach toys. Sitting under the umbrella or just, shoes off and into the water and, why not? walking it off after lunch at the pool.

I wanted to make it a happy representation of proof of humanity, so I used colors and colors and more colors and, of course, tons of light because…“Life is but a beach chair”. I’ll let the photographs do the talking….

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And if you’re up for a challenge, keep an eye out for our next assignment…coming soon!

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