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On Assignment with the Viltrox 23mm f/1.4

As many of you know or can imagine, there is a big difference between the real world and the tests or reviews that you can find on the internet…What interests me is how a double-page photo in a magazine looks, if the focus in very complex light situations responds well and if it can physically endure the hustle and bustle.

The Truth about Inspiration

The only thing that is clear to me about inspiration, is that sometimes it just doesn’t come to me. I think that this is a relatively general truth for anyone who is creative person. Photography is of course one of those creative endevours in which one can suffer a terrible lack of inspiration.

Why Nobody Cares About Your Photos

I think it is common to have the feeling that our photography is undervalued, I also firmly believe that this is due to the large amount of photographic content that is on-line and its consequent valuation in number of likes or shares or things of that kind. Therefore, it is normal, especially if you are just starting out, to feel that your photography does not matter to anyone and it is probably true…to some extent. 

Why you need a Leica

Leica cameras are undoubtedly objects of desire.

Sure, you can tell yourself that it is silly to want one, that their technology is outdated and that they are not ‘all that’ or remind yourself that your pockets aren’t deep enough in order to dissuade yourself from that ostentatious whim – after all, a Leica, like any other camera, is nothing more than a black box with a hole to capture images…

On Assignment #2

In documentary or street photography there are several types of photos that are essential to take to explain a story: Place (The where) Action (It is the plot, the reason for the story) Details (It brings you closer to the action and makes you better understand the particularities of the action) and the portrait.