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Becoming better photographers from home

In a time when we should all be staying at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus it may seem that, photographically speaking, there is not much to do. In part, it’s true, but like with most bad situations, this one too has silver lining: Being stuck at hope gives us all the opportunity to improve on some of the things that when we are out photographing, we forget to do or pay attention to.

4 reasons why giving art is a good idea

In a world where everyone tends to have the same things, art is one of the few things that can still surprise. When you gift art, you are giving  the whole creative process of someone, it is special and something that most people won’t have. You are giving  something original and that makes you someone original.

5 Reasons why you should try a wide-angle lens

1. Closer: Robert Capa used to say that: if your photos are not good enough, you’re not close enough. This is very true, particularly so when it comes to street, documentary and travel photography. Being closer to the scene means being part the action and this in turn allows the viewer to feel like they too are part of it all. At a couple of meters away from the story, your photographs transmit much more power and emotion.