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Photo Essay: Viñales In Black & White

Like many photographers who have visited Cuba, I have developed a love affair with this unique island in the Caribbean. I recently made my 6th visit in February and I never want to stop visiting.

Photo Essay: Cuba Inside Out

A photo essay by The Raw Society member Carlos Antonorsi. Photos taken during our Cuba Photo Tour July 2019

Interview with John Stanmeyer

Anyone interested in documentary photography will know the name John Stanmeyer (if you don’t, all the more reason to keep reading :).

The Sacred land of Photography (Photographing Cuba)

Throughout the history of humanity there have been places where people converge in search of inspiration, creativity and a sense of thought. In ancient times, these places were referred to as sacred lands; starting points for all kinds of religions and cultures, but over time these places of “power” have evolved and have taken form in much more personal spaces, less related to mysticism and more related to home, family or friends.