Since some time has past since we set assignment # 2 – Bad Guy, we thought we’d do a little recap before presenting the winning project.

This assignment was set to get you all working on portraits, with the extra challenge of photographing someone who was opposite to you (in their way of thinking, character, background etc.) We called it ‘Bad Guy’ because like in all great stories, where there’s always a hero and a villain, we wanted you to portray the ‘villain’ (in the nicest sense of the word ;)) of your own story.

We had some great entries overall but our winner went beyond the assignment with a very intimate, personal and introspective take on the challenge.


These times have not been normal for any of us and for photographers, who are normally outdoors, we suddenly found ourselves confined indoors with a lot of time for self-actualisation and Monologue. I personally came across weird stranded feelings and often felt completely hopeless about the situation.

Life became clearer than ever for me, almost black and white in terms of what was valuable, essential v.s. the romantic. It has been an intensive period of reflection. Reflection on the past through connections to big and small objects within the four walls I grew up in and was confined to during these times.

I found contrasting light and shadows to decipher my dilemma and ever-changing emotions. It has been an overwhelming time in which I’ve recorded myself, both the good guy and the bad guy of my own personal story.

About Myself:

I am a teacher and have been delivering classes from home. Lectures on subjects related to visual communication. The images I share here, I dare not post on a regular basis in my usual circle, as it is a very tight society which prefers to be in a comfortable state even virtually. Shooting these have been an alone time with me, myself and I.

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