(Or how to take photos on holiday without driving your family and friends crazy)

We all know that being a photographer is a relatively lonely passion/profession, and for good reason: Good photography, like wine, takes time and the doses of patience needed is not always shared by those with whom we spend our vacations with.

So today this blog post will have two functions; On the one hand, it will be an exercise that will help you photograph while traveling or on vacation without getting into trouble, and on the other, it’s going to set the scene for our monthly assignment.

Ready? Here goes…


In photography, as with many things in life, time is key. However, when on holiday with friends or family, the pressure is on and we often don’t have the time we need to shoot. So, the first thing we are going to do is turn this to our advantage in the following way:

Set an amount of time X, for example 10 minutes, and challenge yourself to use those 10 minutes a day to take a photo, just one. For the rest of the day, leave the camera behind.

Why would we propose such craziness? Well for starters, you will be able to enjoy yourself, your company and the place that you’re visiting a whole lot more. Secondly and more importantly, by not being “able” to take photos you will have time to enhance your observation skills, notice details and peculiarities that you might not have seen otherwise. You’ll see that when your next 10 minute slot is up you’ll be shooting with more intention and may even have deigned the frame in your minds eye.


Take out a pen and notebook and write a few lines every day. About a past project, your thoughts or about the photos taken during you 10 minute sessions.

This exercise is perfect to have a greater awareness of what you photograph, you will see everything in more depth and you will find new perspectives that can only be discovered by expressing thoughts or ideas on paper with words. Your photography will be enriched and your work as an author will acquire a whole new dimension.


There is nothing more satisfying in photography than to see your work physically, be it as a printed copy for an exhibition or framed for your own home. Equally satisfying (sometimes even more so), is having your work printed in book or magazine form.

Long ago this was something reserved only for professionals, but now it is not only easy to create your own book or magazine, it is also relatively cheap. There are several companies like Blurb, in which you can design your own publication with different sizes, papers and covers…I personally am a big fan of the “magazine” format, with a minimum of 20 pages and in which you can compose and sequence your photos with its texts for around € 10.

If you follow the above steps, you will not only have some great photos, but thanks to your perseverance and notes you will have a story to tell to make a photobook AND to publish on our blog IF you choose to participate in the assignment.


Paticipating in the assignment means following the above steps but in this case the challenge is:

Street photography without people, but with traces of them.

Buildings do not count! It has to be some detail that explains that there has been some form of human activity like a bench with an empty cup of coffee, some still fresh footsteps in the sand etc. Here, creativity, light and composition will be essential to make your story interesting.

Conditions and deadline.

Yes, as with any assignment, there are a series of parameters that have to be followed:

1. You have 23 days starting today, the 12th of August, to complete the assignment. Send us your work a day late and it will not be considered. Deadline: 5th September

2. You will have to send us a PDF with a selection of 15 photos already sequenced and a short text using your notes. This can be something more personal or something more descriptive, it does not matter, but it has to be related to your editing and sequence.

3. All submissions should be sent to: info@therawsociety.org

A couple of days after the deadline we will select a winner whose work will be shared on our blog and Instagram page.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and I look forward to seeing your work!

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