Assignment #3 – Traces of Humanity

The challenge assigned was to photograph for a set amount of time per day (to avoid getting into trouble with our family members for not spending time with them) and to do a series of “Street photography without people, but with traces of them.”

Interview with Gustavo Minas

Beautifully colourful with playfully juxtaposed scenes that turn the mundane into something poetic and often complex to the point that his photographs transcend reality, Gustavo Minas has managed to create a voice and style that is unmistakably his.

Assignment #2 – Bad Guy

This assignment was set to get you all working on portraits, with the extra challenge of photographing someone who was opposite to you (in their way of thinking, character, background etc.)…We had some great entries overall but our winner went beyond the assignment with a very intimate, personal and introspective take on the challenge.

Assignment #3

On Assignment #3

We all know that being a photographer is a relatively lonely passion/profession, and for good reason: Good photography, like wine, takes time and the doses of patience needed is not always shared by those with whom we spend our vacations with.

Interview with Ed Kashi

Photojournalist, film-maker, educator mentor and member of VII Photo Agency, Ed Kashi has been exploring geopolitical and social issues for over 40 years.

The advantages of shooting in JPEG.

One of the first things we hear, when we start to get serious about our photography, is that it is essential that we use the .raw format since it has many advantages when it comes to processing our images…So why wouldn’t we use it?

Compositions guiding lines

On Assignment #2

In documentary or street photography there are several types of photos that are essential to take to explain a story: Place (The where) Action (It is the plot, the reason for the story) Details (It brings you closer to the action and makes you better understand the particularities of the action) and the portrait.

Assignment #1: My New Normal

In Phoenix, Arizona, police brutality protests over the deaths of George Floyd and many other black Americans broke out almost as soon as the COVID-19 stay at home order was lifted. Meanwhile, the unsheltered population of over 5,000 people faces another summer in one of America’s hottest cities. Many are experiencing homelessness for the first time after losing their jobs due to the pandemic. Things here are anything but “normal”.

On Assignment #1

Things are slowly starting to ‘normalise’ and in most countries people are able to go out to a greater or lesser extent, and I imagine that most of you have been out or are eager to go out and use your cameras! So, with that in mind, I thought I would propose an assignment for all of you to do in order to get back into the game and experience what it is like to be on assignment for a magazine (in this case it’ll be for our blog and Instagram instead 😉 ).

Photo Essay: Viñales In Black & White

Like many photographers who have visited Cuba, I have developed a love affair with this unique island in the Caribbean. I recently made my 6th visit in February and I never want to stop visiting.

Becoming better photographers from home

In a time when we should all be staying at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus it may seem that, photographically speaking, there is not much to do. In part, it’s true, but like with most bad situations, this one too has silver lining: Being stuck at hope gives us all the opportunity to improve on some of the things that when we are out photographing, we forget to do or pay attention to.

The Photography of Roger Deakins

Every year at the Oscars there is a category that, although it doesn’t go unnoticed, it certainly doesn’t get the attention that the nominations for best actor, actress or director get, this is the category of cinematography or DOP (director of photography).

Photo Essay: Cuba Inside Out

A photo essay by The Raw Society member Carlos Antonorsi. Photos taken during our Cuba Photo Tour July 2019

Interview with John Stanmeyer

Anyone interested in documentary photography will know the name John Stanmeyer (if you don’t, all the more reason to keep reading :).

A Photographer’s Guide to Holi Festival

With Holi Festival exactly one month away I thought that today would be a great time to share some practical tips to make the most of this exciting event. You may not be in India or on our Nepal Photo Tour to celebrate, but chances are that there is a Holi Festival happening near you too!

4 reasons why giving art is a good idea

In a world where everyone tends to have the same things, art is one of the few things that can still surprise. When you gift art, you are giving  the whole creative process of someone, it is special and something that most people won’t have. You are giving  something original and that makes you someone original.

Solo Travel: A trip that changed my life

3 years ago today my 6-month solo trip came to an end and my life, as I had previously known it, too. But before I get into how it changed everything and what I learned from the experience, let me tell you how it all began.

With great power comes great responsibility

Photography is a medium that absorbs almost everyone, they call it the universal language; a photograph can be read by anyone from any country or culture, and that not only gives us great power as creators, but also as people.

Interview with National Geographic Photographer, Tino Soriano

You know how sometimes you listen to a song and you feel like it’s about you? That’s how I felt the first time I went to a conference given by Tino Soriano. OK, so it wasn’t EXACTLY about me or my life (his is much more exciting)…