Photographs for the record

Photographs for the Record

Sometimes I envy vinyl collectors. Not only can they play their music when the internet goes down. But, depending on their taste, they get two pieces of art for the price of one. Musicians use visuals to help sell their records. And the more discerning choose pre-existing images over pictures of themselves.

NOLA – The City as a Subject

“Making a portrait of a city is an endless job, wanting to undertake it, is in itself something a little bit pretentious. Although the portrait may reach a certain degree of truth, it will be nothing more than a rumor in the city”. -W. Eugene Smith on “The Pittsburg project”

6 years

Celebrating 6 Years

What originally started out as a way to share our love of traveling and photography through workshops all over the world, has grown into an amazing community of over 150 members living in over 20 countries.

On Assignment with the Viltrox 23mm f/1.4

As many of you know or can imagine, there is a big difference between the real world and the tests or reviews that you can find on the internet…What interests me is how a double-page photo in a magazine looks, if the focus in very complex light situations responds well and if it can physically endure the hustle and bustle.

The Truth about Inspiration

The only thing that is clear to me about inspiration, is that sometimes it just doesn’t come to me. I think that this is a relatively general truth for anyone who is creative person. Photography is of course one of those creative endevours in which one can suffer a terrible lack of inspiration.

National Geographic spain: a feature of Jorge and The Raw Society

National Geographic : A Feature of Jorge & The Raw Society

“…Five years after its birth, The RAW Society organizes photographic workshops in Nepal, Morocco, Cuba, India…on a recurring basis. Moving away from technique and precision, Jorge and Christelle opted to experience each destination they went to in a ‘raw’ way and share that feeling with all the members of their community…”

Why Nobody Cares About Your Photos

I think it is common to have the feeling that our photography is undervalued, I also firmly believe that this is due to the large amount of photographic content that is on-line and its consequent valuation in number of likes or shares or things of that kind. Therefore, it is normal, especially if you are just starting out, to feel that your photography does not matter to anyone and it is probably true…to some extent. 

Embracing The Absurd

Albert Camus, Nobel prize winner and son of Menorquin immigrants, developed in his many writings and plays, the idea of the Absurd: a concept defined as the disharmony between our pursuit of meaning in life in an essentially meaningless and indifferent universe.

The Ultimate Souvenir

As many of you know, Christelle and I travel regularly to Nepal thanks to the on-location workshops that we host, as well as for projects that we develop there like the one that was recently published in National Geographic.


Why you need a Leica

Leica cameras are undoubtedly objects of desire.

Sure, you can tell yourself that it is silly to want one, that their technology is outdated and that they are not ‘all that’ or remind yourself that your pockets aren’t deep enough in order to dissuade yourself from that ostentatious whim – after all, a Leica, like any other camera, is nothing more than a black box with a hole to capture images…

Observadores Urbanos: Entrevista con The Raw Society

It has been a crazy few weeks of workshops, hosting guest mentors, finishing off projects, preparing new ones etc. so it’s always nice to take a break, especially when it to be interviewed by the three wonderful and talented ladies from Observadores Urbanos.

National Geographic: El Reencuentro de las Almas

“A Reunion of the Souls” is a project created by Jorge Delgado-Ureña & Christelle Enquist in collaboration with the Karma Lekshey Ling monastery. Published by National Geographic. Photos by Jorge Delgado-Ureña.

Penguin Randomhouse: Women Street Photographers

With a rising number of women throughout the world picking up their cameras and capturing their surroundings, this book explores the work of 100 women (including our very own co-founder, Christelle Enquist) and the experiences behind their greatest images.

National Geographic: El Ejército contra el coronavirus, una lucha sin armas de fuego

“The military against the coronavirus, a fight without guns”. Published by National Geographic Spain. Photos by Jorge Delgado-Ureña.

Assignment #3 – Traces of Humanity

The challenge assigned was to photograph for a set amount of time per day (to avoid getting into trouble with our family members for not spending time with them) and to do a series of “Street photography without people, but with traces of them.”

Interview with Gustavo Minas

Beautifully colourful with playfully juxtaposed scenes that turn the mundane into something poetic and often complex to the point that his photographs transcend reality, Gustavo Minas has managed to create a voice and style that is unmistakably his.

Assignment #2 – Bad Guy

This assignment was set to get you all working on portraits, with the extra challenge of photographing someone who was opposite to you (in their way of thinking, character, background etc.)…We had some great entries overall but our winner went beyond the assignment with a very intimate, personal and introspective take on the challenge.

Assignment #3

On Assignment #3

We all know that being a photographer is a relatively lonely passion/profession, and for good reason: Good photography, like wine, takes time and the doses of patience needed is not always shared by those with whom we spend our vacations with.

Interview with Ed Kashi

Photojournalist, film-maker, educator mentor and member of VII Photo Agency, Ed Kashi has been exploring geopolitical and social issues for over 40 years.

The advantages of shooting in JPEG.

One of the first things we hear, when we start to get serious about our photography, is that it is essential that we use the .raw format since it has many advantages when it comes to processing our images…So why wouldn’t we use it?