Photo Essay: Viñales In Black & White

Like many photographers who have visited Cuba, I have developed a love affair with this unique island in the Caribbean. I recently made my 6th visit in February and I never want to stop visiting.

Becoming better photographers from home

In a time when we should all be staying at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus it may seem that, photographically speaking, there is not much to do. In part, it’s true, but like with most bad situations, this one too has silver lining: Being stuck at hope gives us all the opportunity to improve on some of the things that when we are out photographing, we forget to do or pay attention to.

The Photography of Roger Deakins

Every year at the Oscars there is a category that, although it doesn’t go unnoticed, it certainly doesn’t get the attention that the nominations for best actor, actress or director get, this is the category of cinematography or DOP (director of photography).

Photo Essay: Cuba Inside Out

A photo essay by The Raw Society member Carlos Antonorsi. Photos taken during our Cuba Photo Tour July 2019

Interview with John Stanmeyer

Anyone interested in documentary photography will know the name John Stanmeyer (if you don’t, all the more reason to keep reading :).

A Photographer’s Guide to Holi Festival

With Holi Festival exactly one month away I thought that today would be a great time to share some practical tips to make the most of this exciting event. You may not be in India or on our Nepal Photo Tour to celebrate, but chances are that there is a Holi Festival happening near you too!

4 reasons why giving art is a good idea

In a world where everyone tends to have the same things, art is one of the few things that can still surprise. When you gift art, you are giving  the whole creative process of someone, it is special and something that most people won’t have. You are giving  something original and that makes you someone original.

Solo Travel: A trip that changed my life

3 years ago today my 6-month solo trip came to an end and my life, as I had previously known it, too. But before I get into how it changed everything and what I learned from the experience, let me tell you how it all began.

With great power comes great responsibility

Photography is a medium that absorbs almost everyone, they call it the universal language; a photograph can be read by anyone from any country or culture, and that not only gives us great power as creators, but also as people.

Interview with National Geographic Photographer, Tino Soriano

You know how sometimes you listen to a song and you feel like it’s about you? That’s how I felt the first time I went to a conference given by Tino Soriano. OK, so it wasn’t EXACTLY about me or my life (his is much more exciting)…

Man walking back from essaouira port

Is it practical to travel just with film?

This is a bit of a trick question because those of you who usually shoot analogue probably find it practical and better for a number of reasons. If you’re a die-hard digital photographer on the other hand, just thinking of travelling with film can cause a headache.

Nikon FE, Analogue photography, analogue cameras

Analogue Photography: 3 Cameras to get you started.

Although the second-hand market for analogue cameras is large, some cameras are more popular and therefore have seen large increases in price, to the point that they are actually quite expensive.

5 Reasons why you should try a wide-angle lens

1. Closer: Robert Capa used to say that: if your photos are not good enough, you’re not close enough. This is very true, particularly so when it comes to street, documentary and travel photography. Being closer to the scene means being part the action and this in turn allows the viewer to feel like they too are part of it all. At a couple of meters away from the story, your photographs transmit much more power and emotion.

buying photography

Changing the course of Photography

Gandhi said that if you want to change the world, start with yourself. It’s a statement that has always seemed very accurate to me and very valid for all fields, including photography.

You are as good as your worst photo

Constant connectivity, faster everything…what’s next, a camera that uploads straight to social media? Oh wait, it already exists…

Book Review: The suffering of light by Alex Webb.

The title of the book comes from a Goethe quote: “Colors are the deeds and suffering of light.” This book is not about a place, or a specific subject, or even a theme. It is about a way of seeing in color…

Interview with photographer and Oak Stories founder, Javier Corso

In this era of social networks and immediacy, a documentary work done with affection and patience, allowing the photographer to get to the bottom of the matter is not common so when you find it, it is appreciated. It is not without reason that Javier has labeled his agency ‘oak stories’: Like a good wine, stories taste better when you give them time and care.

What bag to travel with

5 ways to carry your camera when you travel

When you travel it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to decide what to use to carry your camera. There are backpacks, messenger bags, large sizes, smaller ones, different colours. What do you choose and are there any other options? Keep reading to find out!

Weegee. f/8 and be there.

Considered by some as the American version of Brassai because he photographed at night, Usher Felling A.K.A. Arthur H. Fellig A.K.A. Weegee was one of those photographers who had the audacity to re-invent himself, invent a career, a style and a way of working that we take for granted today, but that in the 30s and 40s nobody had thought of.