A day in Tafraoute Sidi Ali

This was the first time that the guys from “The Raw Society” included the small town of Tafraoute Sidi Ali in their Morrocco Photo Tour itinerary and it was also my first trip with them, even though I have known them for more than a year now.

Film Wars: Lomo vs. Kodak

For some time now, analogue photography has been making a comeback which in my opinion is great news. There are many benefits to shooting in analog, from the process of photographing with old cameras to experimenting with different types of film, and as with most things that become popularised, this leads to many discussions and reviews on which film is better.

Interview with Avani Rai

Rai. The surname will ring a bell, especially since just last week we made many references to it in our blog and have no doubt that you all read us religiously ;). For the few of you who don’t anxiously wait for Thursday to come along to be able to read our blog, last week we wrote an article about Raghu Rai, the Father of Indian Photography, and that’s the Rai we are referring to.

Raghu Rai, the father of indian photography.

A couple of weeks ago I watched “Raghu Rai: An Unframed Portrait”, a documentary directed and produced by Avani Rai, daughter of the legendary photographer and once protégé of Henry Cartier-Bresson. In it one is made privy to some beautifully intimate moments of this Magnum photographer’s life and his extraordinary work.

25 Years Later by Xavier Bénech

Is it possible to be influenced by a photographer whose work you barely know? It’s a strange question and yet, it applies to myself personally with the work of Jean Dieuzaide.

Would you buy a Leica M9 today?

Almost all photographers fantasise from time to time, about having a brand-new Leica M, perhaps with the idea that Henry Cartier-Bresson’s spirit will suddenly possess us and guide us towards capturing decisive moments in every corner and with every shot we take.

Interview with Rory Doyle, 2018 EyeEm Award winner

We’re always on the lookout for talent. Photographers who stand out from the crowd and inspire us. Who give us a glimpse into the beauty of this world and the unknown. Who tell untold stories. However, with so much visual ‘noise’, we sometimes miss out on a lot of good stuff and that might have been the case with Rory Doyle, had he not emailed us one fine Friday morning.

Vivian Maier. The nanny that redefined street photography

If there is something that we as a society love, it’s curious stories and surprising discoveries. In the international photographic scene, after the acclaimed documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” was released, she and her photography were both: a character with a very curious story and certainly a discovery.

The Raw Society Instagram

The Pro’s and Con’s of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used platforms by photographers and non-photographers around the world. For this first group, the social network has its advantages with respect to business creation, dissemination of work and it offers opportunities to collaborate with other photographers, collectors, etc. around the world, but it also has big drawbacks.

post processing film

Why processing your photos is important

If you have already read some of my previous articles you will know that I am not a fanatic of image quality nor do I promote inspecting your photos on the computer pixel by pixel. But, one of the things that I do encourage my students to do is to shoot in .RAW. Why? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Black & White vs. Colour Photography

If you do a quick Google search for “street photography” a large majority of the images that appear are in black and white. It’s indicative of how popular black and white is for this style of photography…However, more recently we have been able to observe how color has grown in popularity.

5 Things to look for to determine whether your photos are good.

It’s not always easy to know whether the photos you take are good or not so in today’s post we share some tips that will help you to determine this!

Why swapping megapixels for film makes you a better photographer

At the height of the digital era in which talk of stabilisers, processors, sensors and image quality have become the norm, there has also been a rise in film photography that is most evident on social media. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #FilmIsNotDead has around 8.5 million posts. Coincidence? I think not!

Ethics and Self-Censorship in Street Photography

The first thing we have to do with regards to ethics and self-censorship is stop for a moment and reflect on what kind of photography we are doing, or more specifically that we want to explain or express with our photography.

Raw streetphoto gallery

Interview with Alexey Shifman, founder of Raw Streetphoto Gallery

There are plenty of virtual galleries available to showcase street photography, however, exhibiting this work in the ‘real world’ is whole different story, especially as an emerging photographer. Is there a time lag between the virtual and real world in which it’s just a matter of time before the real world catches up? Or does street photography signed by John or Jane Doe simply not sell?
We interviewed Alexey Shifman, founder of Raw Street Photo Gallery to answer these questions for us.

time for photography

5 things to do now that you have some extra time

The days are much longer and that paired with the fact that many of you will be enjoying summer holidays means that you now have the gift of time. So, with that in mind, we wanted to share with you 5 ideas of what you could do with that extra time in order to explore new ways of learning photography, practicing and becoming even better photographers!

How to Change the World with your Photos

“Change the world” and “photography” is a strange combination, however, if you take a moment to look at the data you’ll find that 80,000,000 photos are published every day on Instagram. Pair this with the fact that there is still much to do to make this world a better one and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that photography, on Instagram alone, can certainly make a difference.

Inspiring Stories: My Dad for a While

My father’s passing left me with one big regret: not having photographed the precious moments I had had with him. Not having a visual testament of his life. Why am I telling you all this? Well, not a week after my father’s death, and purely by chance, I stumbled across @my_dad_for_a_while on Instagram. This is where the inspiring story begins.

Review: 7 Artisans 25mm f/1.8 for Fujifilm X

To take photos we need equipment, and if we want our work to have a certain technical quality, that equipment is going to be expensive. Especially with regards to optics. However, for some time now, some Chinese manufacturers have been selling very interesting and bright fixed optics at a more accessible price. One of those optics is the 7 Artisans 25mm f / 1.8, which in its X mount version costs around 70 €.

The Sense of Purpose in Street Photography

My students often ask me about the differences between a single image and a series, about the content of a photo and the stories they want to tell. How do they find purpose…