The Truth about Inspiration.

The only thing that is clear to me about inspiration, is that sometimes it just doesn’t come to me. I think that this is a relatively general truth for anyone who is creative person. Photography is of course one of those creative endevours in which one can suffer a terrible lack of inspiration.

The most obvious question is often how do I find inspiration when I don’t have it? However, I think the more important question we should ask ourselves is: why am I not inspired?

Much has been written about ways to find inspiration but in my opinion, you get inspired in tremendously personal ways and my way of finding inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to work for you and vice versa. Without a doubt, there may be some formulas that, in general, put almost all of us on the right track, but in the end, if we don’t ask ourselves the right question we will never find the right answer for ourselves.

First of all, some things that, although they are not 100% related to inspiring you, I think help greatly to not be “uninspired”.

1. I drink wine and I know things.

I hope that most of you have realised that the title of this point is a MEME from Game of Thrones (I am not for the promotion of wine consumption). Those of you who have seen the show will remember one of the most interesting characters, Tyrion Lannister, who beyond the qualities of the actor representing the genius with a great sense of  irony, was especially captivating due to his knowledge of a wide variety of things. He was cultured, intelligent, and he made the most of it.

So the point is, although, as in my case, photography is your passion, it is vitally important to be interested in all kinds of things. Knowing things not only makes you interesting in the eyes of others, which is relatively important, it also makes you have a personal perspective. This in turn will help see different angles in your projects and expand your mind to many possibilities that you can combine with your photography. In general you have more resources and that will make the dreaded lack of inspiration appear less frequently.

2. Explore

If you can, travel. If you live an ordinary life you will tell ordinary stories, so adventures are key! Explore. It doesn’t really matter if you go far or not, it’s about having experiences, meeting people and opening yourself up to new situations.

I talk often about a unique property of photography which is that is that you have to be there to do it. There is no other way and being exposed to weather conditions, stories, situations…even in the ordinary you can find the most extraordinary things.

3. Be patient.

Agnes Martin used to say; I sit here in my empty studio and I wait to be inspired. (If you don’t know who Agnes Martin is, see point 1)

Inspiration doesn’t come on command. Today we tend to think that everything is instantaneous because of social media and those sorts of things, but real life is not. As for the decisive moment, be patient because if you have being cultivating your photography, inspiration will come, eventually.

Do you do these kinds of things? Do you have any other tips to add?

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